Date – January 4 2021


Here at Flying Dutchman Cleaning Ltd., we take the Covid 19 virus seriously. We have a protocol in place and with the December 26th 2020 lockdown we added to our Covid19 Protocol. We have added these steps to do our best to ensure your safety and the safety of our staff. With these in place we are able to operate and offer in-home cleaning services.

Some of the key parts of our protocols are:

    • Daily wipe down of office area with commercial disinfectant
    • Minimizing staff working at our office
    • Trucks are stocked with hand sanitizer
    • Trucks are wiped down (cab area) with disinfectant wipes
    • Same staff member driving the truck for the day
    • In home – Covid19 questionaire
    • In home – masks and disposable gloves are used
    • In home – no handshaking
    • In home – social distancing guidelines are adhered to
    • In home – offering contactless payments
    • Cleaning completed – hoses and hoses are disinfected
    • Staff are committed to minimizing social contact outside of work

We continue to monitor information from the Ontario Ministry of Health and our local Public Health Unit to determine where we need to make adjustments.

Let us know if you have existing health concerns and we will work with you and your schedule.  We can facilitate cleaning at a time when it is safest for you, perhaps when you are away at an appointment.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Scott Bothwell
Flying Dutchman Cleaning Ltd.